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    Ceramic Research & Design Institute of China Building Materials Xianyang,which produces ,designs and develops the new technology, new techniques ,new equipment, new production of building and sanitary ceramics, has four parts of machinery and equipment research , development of advanced ceramic products, industry services, technical services.And National Technical Committee 249 on Architecture and Sanitary Ceramics of SAC, National Quality Supervising Test Center of Architecture & Sanitary Ceramics and Na....

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The Ceramics Magazine Press
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Kiln Instrument Factory
Technical Ceramics Factor
Thermal Power Equipment Center
A:YB-hydraulic ceramic high pressure and large flowing cylinder slip pump
B:Make use of construction waste and coal stone to make keeping warm ceramic brick of research and development:
C:Digital control test machine for ceramic sanitary ware gypsum mold “ patent implementation projects:
D: Research and development of lightweight hot insulation ....
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